Continued devotion to value, creation and expansion options to support our customers has been the driving force of RAH’s strategic development.

This year has brought forth numerous opportunities for RAH and its customer base to include:


2 new Mori Seiki NLX2500SY/700 CNC Lathes:
These machines were purchased to support one long-term agreement with one of our prime customers. The capability of the mill and turn combination machine allows for multiple machining and lathe operations to be completed on one machine, and through one setup. RAH looks to further expand this capability based on continued benefits from this type of innovation.

1 new Mori Seiki NMV 5000 DCG 5-axis Milling Center with advanced conveyor system:
This machine allows for multiple machining sequences and operations to be completed with one setup and one inspection point. Continued opportunities for reduced setup times, and longer machine times have proven beneficial on each job capable of running on this machine.

1 new Mori Seiki DuraVertical 1035 ECOLINE Mill, and 2 new Mori Seiki DualVertical 5100 Mills:
RAH has begun the process replacing aging equipment with newer machinery that is more efficient and allows more flexibility. We have seen increased accuracy, higher cutting speeds on heavier materials, and reduced setup times on these machines.

Tube Bending:

Increased capability by adding new machinery to meet manufacturing needs. We now have the capability to complete large diameter tube rolling through our new tauring delta series bender, and machinery required to complete double flaring operations.

Sheet Metal:

1 New 4ft Capacity Cincinnati Press Break adding to our form break department increasing our capacity within a critical sheet metal department.

2 New TIG welding machines including 2 new welders allowing for increased capacity within our most critical skill base of employees.

Internal Process Improvements Include:

Chemical Processing, and Non-Destructive Testing are now both NADCAP and customer approved. Becoming approved by customers on these processes has allowed RAH to significantly reduce and avoid the identified and potential risks common with outside processing facilities. We now have the control of lead time, part handling, and cost variance needed to assist RAH in delivering a better product, in a more consistent manner to its customers.

Second shift flexibility. We have developed a unique team of employees and procedures allowing for RAH to increase shop capacity by adding a second shift that has trained professionals ready to increase shop operation time. We have helped numerous customers with large production requirements with this option and can reinstate our second shift as needed to support our primary customers.

RAH Industries is ISO 9001 & AS9100 Certified

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